3 things we love for April.

3 things we love for April.

Something Delicious, something Beautiful and something Vibrant.

This year, my commitment is to connect authentically with you all - to bring our community together more and create a hub in which we can connect, share and nourish ourselves.  

To start that I want to share more - more knowledge and more about me! I truly believe in wholistic beauty, beauty that start within and is nourished from the inside and the outside. 

For me that means delicious food, vibrant living and beautiful moments. I want to share those things with you all each month - Three delicious, vibrant & beautiful things we love!


We have some of the best food here in our little neck of the woods and weekly I am enticed by these delicious little cakes that Crystal from @itshomebaked makes. You all know I LOVE small batch, handmade products and Crystals baked delights are truly that. Female owned and run, handmade with so much heart and BEYOND DELICIOUS! 

Her Instagram feed is awash with videos of her making these delightful (and seriously delicious) cakes en-mass!

Then we get images like these, tempting us to order or purchase the few leftover boxes that she may have left for locals! You can snap up her baked goods on Instagram (if your local from Wollongong to Milton)..... or just enjoy her sweet content!

Better be quick though, these delights are always snapped up pretty quick!



Since my days of living in Sydney in the 90's I have always dreamed of owning an apartment in Potts Point.

This is a place I stay at in Potts Point and the view, to me, is breathtaking. Looking over Rushcutters Bay and beyond. The sunrise is amazing over this stretch of water too. It's good to dream because hopefully those dreams turn into manifestations. Why else do we work so hard? This is my dream. What's yours?


Something VIBRANT

Yoga has been an integral part of my life for about a decade. I dabbled here and there earlier on but never quite found my groove or tribe. I loved it so much that I completed my 200hr teacher training and taught many classes over the years. 

This image was for a photoshoot for a book that my yoga teacher Himani was compiling. Over zealous backbends are not the aim but rather simple stretches and good breathing form the framework for vibrant living.Yoga allows you to escape to yourself or come home as some like to put it. The practice is all about you. There's no competition or end goal. It's about showing up and doing the work.

I hope you take some inspiration from this monthly series, and I'd love to hear from you about you do, to create, nourish and inspire in your life!






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