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Spring Skin - Body Confidence

Spring Skin - Body Confidence


The arrival of spring brings with it warmer weather and longer days. The bitter bite of winter air seems to be waning and the urge to get something lighter on or even stripping down to the bikini top seems to be the trend.

Throughout winter the skin needs more love in the form of hydration, to keep from drying out and going scaly. This is because the humidity drops in winter and humidity is like an external hydrator. Think of tropical weather, you can barely keep dry as the moisture in the air is so high that you sweat. This is the humidity. Similarly, in winter when the humidity drops, so does the moisture in our skin, cue crocodile skin.

Have you ever looked in the mirror in winter and thought that you have aged 10 years?!!! Whereas in summer, you might notice that you have a lovely dewy complexion which brings about confidence.

As the earth tilts on its axis the sun gets higher in the sky, we know we are on our way back to gorgeous skin. Here’s what we can do to transition through the seasons.

It may take a few attempts to recover from the reptilian look but by adopting a few tricks you can speed up the process.


Water - In winter we need water more than ever but rarely drink the required amount. As it warms up it is easier to guzzle down a little extra.

The best tip I have is to fill the desired amount into bottles and have them on your bench. That way you have a visual cue to grab one and drink it down. Rather than leaving it until the end of the day and then trying to “cram in” your water only to be up all night peeing.

I like to have 2L at least, ready to go.

Within this blog post, we will focus on the body and later go deeper with facial skincare.


Exfoliation and Moisturisation - Now is the time to start your exfoliation regime. If you have neglected the body during winter, the warmer weather will surely inspire you to get your skates on. 

Dead skin needs to be removed otherwise you are just moisturising dead skin. Dead is dead and there’s no way of bringing it back. Think about a dead plant. You can’t water it back to life. You’d look like a fool watering something that is beyond repair.


Here’s an easy DIY recipe to shed away those winter scales and reveal a softer dewier complexion. 

  • 1 cup natural sea salt or granulated sugar (or ½ of each)
  • ½ cup cold-pressed oil
  • 6-8 drops of essential oil
  • 1 Tablespoon of honey (optional)

I could go on and on with other ingredients but for now, let’s start with something really simple.



  1. Mix your choice of salt or sugar or both into a clean bowl, 
  2. Add the honey if using and then pour in the oil
  3. Add you're essential oils. Now, these are optional and your skin may be sensitive to pure oils. 
  4. Mix it all together and scoop into a clean glass jar, ready for use.

Note: Only use pure cold-pressed oil and not vegetable oil from the supermarket. These oils are hydrogenated and toxic. Olive oil is the cheapest good quality oil but it's strong in aroma and quite heavy in consistency. It’s great for really dry skin. I love avocado and grapeseed oil, both easy to find.


Honey is a humectant. Meaning it attracts moisture to the skin and smells delicious.

Salt is great to use and cheap. Only pure salt once again, not table salt which is full of anti-caking agents. The only drawback with salt is if you have a cut - ouch!!

Sugar won’t sting but may dissolve in the mixture over time. Because this recipe is only enough for a couple of uses, there’s no risk of that happening.

Use the mixture by scooping some out and rubbing it all over the body in gentle circular motions, concentrating on the thigh area for promoting circulation. Rinse away or submerge yourself into the bath. Once you finish, gently pat the skin dry to avoid removing all the oil. We want the oil to moisturise the skin.

Repeat a few times a week and you will soon start to notice beautiful soft, healthy-looking skin.

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Welcome to 2021 and our new store

Welcome to 2021 and our new store


With COVID in full swing I had plenty of time to ponder the future. All of a sudden, no-one had any certainty in their lives, and nobody knew what lay ahead. For the first time ever, we all seemed to be in the same boat, and we all were back at the start of the race.

 As events started to unfold, I sat back and watched what was going on in the world and more closely in my home town. Toilet paper ran out and things like sanitisers became scarce. This opened a door of opportunity and I jumped onto it. I started to make sanitiser for the local community from resources that I already had and blended a delightful essential oil blend with (WHO standards) alcohol. People were coming to the door or (fence) in droves to get their hands on my protective blend and I finally had a job to do in the face of the crisis.


As restrictions started to ease within the state, people were coming back to the area to visit after being in lock-down for so long. This was a blessing to us as just before COVID, we were ravaged by the bushfires at Christmas, so businesses had already taken a huge hit to the pocket, as we missed summer trade.


As I sat and observed what was happening over a couple of months, I had the strongest urge to move my home-based-business to a larger space and get in front of all these people that were pouring into town every week.

Things were still a little bit dicey as Victoria went into full lock-down, but the urge was as strong as ever.


I decided to take the plunge and rent a space in Milton. I spoke with the land lord about my desire to open a beauty space and set the wheels in motion. Milton is the place to be. It’s a quaint country village with a pulsing atmosphere, good coffee, food and retail. Since the bushfires, the town has grown considerably and it seems, that everyone wants a piece of it.


The plan was to set up a lab/workspace in the back half of the shop and put a few things on the shelve to help cover the rent. As things started to unfold and the building was getting underway, I realised that this space needed more than just a few things on the shelves. It needed a heartbeat of it’s own. It needed to shine. The Delicious Vibrant Beauty, botanical beauty and wellness store was born.

With years of working as a health coach and yoga teacher tied with 20 years experience in concocting cosmetics, I felt that everything was finally coming together. I now had a space to educate people on healthy living while providing products to compliment those lifestyle choices. The inner beauty world and out beauty had finally come together in one beautiful space.


As this was the beginning of December, I didn’t have much time to secure accounts with brands that I loved in order to get the shelves full for Christmas trade. I knew it was going to be a race to the finish line, just to be ready. Along with that, I still had to make all of my own products and get them on the shelves as well.



Luckily, I had an amazing cabinet maker (my ex-husband) who worked tirelessly to get the cabinetry done and my clever daughter who designed all of the shelving and styled the shop. I couldn’t have done it without them both. The combined effort was huge and something we are all proud of.


One month into the shop I am happy today that things are going along nicely. I survived the Christmas rush and now pacing nicely through summer. My biggest concern was not having enough stock as suppliers shut down over Christmas and into the new year. Good news is I think I will make it through until I can order again.


What I have learnt from this experience is that I was always capable of achieving this but never willing to put myself forward. Since I made that decision to open the store, I told myself and others that “There is no such thing as fail in my vocabulary.” I truly believed it and never once doubted myself. Being a single mum with one income coming into the house, puts you into a situation of sink or swim and I was never going to sink.


Plans for the year are very exciting. The shop has given me even more confidence on what is possible for the future. I plan to launch a new line of products that really tie in my experience on inner beauty with the outer beauty world. Think superfoods, broccoli, kale, collagen, polyphenols. I want a range that really encompasses wholefoods and blends it with outer beauty. The wheels are in motion and I look forward to sharing what we have coming.


We plan to launch and focus on our online platform to inspire and educate the audience on the brands philosophy about health and wellness. Beauty is not found at the end of a bottle, it’s the culmination of good food, pure water and air, nourishing relationships, movement and mindset. Beauty has many facets and I look forward to sharing my knowledge with our community.


Welcome to Delicious Vibrant Beauty. xxx


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Get to know the face of Delicious Vibrant Beauty

Get to know the face of Delicious Vibrant Beauty

5 things that you may have not known about me...

1. When I was 18 I was a horse midwife. I worked with thoroughbreds and was solely responsible for up to 200 heavily pregnant mares per night. Delivering babies and taking care of sick ones. Did you know that sound travels really far at night?
2. I have a black belt in Tae Know Do. I earned this level when I was a teenager. I started martial arts to protect myself from bullying at school and I stopped training when I reached my goal. Fighting was not for me, I didn't like getting hurt or hurting others!
3. Before I became a mother, I worked as a mortician. I was fascinated with the body and internal mechanics. Forensics was something that I would have done if I had my time over again, so this job satisfied some of those interests. Pregnancy ended that career. I haven't told many people as it usually "Freaks them out!!!" ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

4. As a child I got to drive an armoured personal carrier. My father was in the army, head of infantry and on the odd occasion we would take some tanks out and have a day of driving and BBQ's. It was exhilarating and scary all at the same time.
5. I was adopted and raised in an English family. That family bar one, are now deceased. Luckily I found some of my natural family close to 20 years ago. I remember meeting my half brother about 6 years ago and realised that I passed him nearly every day, never knowing who he was. He drove the school bus to Nowra. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I'd love to hear some interesting stories about you! :)

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