Social Responsibility

We partner with and donate a portion of our sales to grassroots local charities in our immediate area. We manage these contributions in house as opposed to using a platform that requires administration fees. While these platforms carry strong brand awareness in the market, we prefer those funds to be directed to the foundations or charities themselves. 

Grassroots Giving

As a business we are actively involved in the local community, attending fundraisers and community lead business events.  We have identified three local causes with which we are aligned and aim to have a long-term relationship 

How we give back...

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Treading Lightly inc. is a grassroots environmental organisation that brings people together to build resilient communities and make positive, long-lasting change towards a regenerative future.

Treading Lightly was formed with the intention of bringing like-minded people together to care about the environment and the wellbeing of our community. Treading Lightly provide a hub for community initiatives that encourage positive change, working together with local businesses, other community groups, schools, charities and NGOs towards a more sustainable future for all. 

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The Little Free Food Pantry is a community managed and funded initiative to provide much needed food relief to people in our local area in need. Created by the Ulladulla Scouts and managed by volunteers, we are so happy to give what we can to help this important service. 

Open 24 hours 7 days a week for giving or taking, the Little Free Food Pantry is located in the front garden of Ulladulla Scouts at 57 St Vincent Street Ulladulla. Please take anything you need from here, help yourself at the pantry ANONYMOUSLY. The pantry is the MAIN FOCUS of this project and where anyone can seek help DAILY. 

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Milton Ulladulla Soup Kitchen is a newly reformed charity provided on the ground assistance and real meaningful help to people in need in our local community. Thier mission is to provide support by way of meals to those who need it within the community. We will be proud to help them in any way we can.

Frequently asked questions

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