Giving Back

Giving Back

This year I am focussed on growing this beautiful community and giving back in whatever way I can.

We have always given back in some way. Our subscribers are always privy to sales and discounts before the public.

PLUS our sample drive allows you to test products for a week before making a decision on purchase. What other brands give away a decent sized sample for FREE?? Not to mention 5-6 at once!  (You can leave us a note in your online order if you want to try something specific)

We give away to our immediate community but this year we want to reach out further and support charities or initiatives that really need a helping hand.

With that in mind, we have committed to supporting three local grass roots initiatives in our area. Programs that make real measurable differences to peoples lives and to our local environment.

You can check out our promise and the wonderful groups we are pledged to support HERE.

This year we have already made a donation to Treading Lightly on behalf of Delicious Vibrant Beauty and a few days ago I visited the wonderful Little Free Food Pantry.

The Little Free Food Pantry is a community managed and funded initiative to provide much needed food relief to people in our local area in need. Created by the Ulladulla Scouts and managed by volunteers, we are so happy to give what we can to help this important service.

I dropped off a selection of beautiful self-care products from the store and a big bag of fresh fruit and veg for them to distribute.

I encourage you to give what you can too, even though times are tough even a small act of caring for community can make a very big difference. It's the most wonderful feeling knowing that through a simple act you can improve the lives of others.  Your local town most likely has these sorts of initiatives too, ones that make a real difference in the day to day of people in your community.


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