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Soothe Me Shave Milk


Soothe Me Shave Milk – 100ml

What does it do?

Milky to the touch and soft to the skin, this gentle shaving milk will give you a close glide of the razor while lubricating the skin as it goes. Infused with aloe vera to calm the skin, coconut oil to soften and peppermint and cedarwood to invigorate. No more beard-drag and no more chemical based foam. Make shaving a joy rather than a chore.

How to use:

Apply a damp warm face washer to the face to soften the beard and open the pores.

Shake bottle to infuse ingredients together. Apply a 10 cent piece sized amount of shaving milk into the palm of the hand and rub hands together. Apply milk to the face. Add a little water if necessary. Shave as usual. Gently wipe away. 



Organic coconut oil, organic castile soap, organic aloe vera, vitamin E, organic peppermint and cedarwood essential oils.